Belize - Guatemala

Erm so I completely forgot to update the blog but I'd just wanted to briefly recap the last few weeks:

We went to some island with mega Carribean vibes called Caye Caulker where we swam with sharks, snorkelled and saw beautiful tropical fish and then ended up having a booze filled boat party. I have to say this was the best day we had in Belize!

The island wasn't to my taste it was too relaxed and didn't have that much to do except chill, sunbathe and drink rum.  We did end up going to a Reggae bar which is cray. I met some Rasta man who bought me drinks all night and we partied until the morning when a torrential downpour decide to walk us home. He kept trying to get me to dagger and I told him to stay an arm's length away from me; it  was pretty jokes.

After we went to a few markets in a mountain and then  set off to San Ignacio. Half of us went to the ATM caves but I opted to go to  the Caracol Ruins as I didn't want to be stuck in a dark, wet cave for a few hours. It was such a good day our guide was incredibally knowledgable about the plants, insects and the history of the Mayan kingdom. I loved it especially as we went to the waterfalls after for a little swim.


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