Kalalau Trail - Hanakapiai Beach and Waterfall

Today we woke up at 6.15am and drove an hour to the Kalalau trail to start our hike to Hanakapiai beach and falls. It was my first ever hike and was 8 miles long in total and I found it doable. There was a lot of mud as it kept raining so it was super slippery which was annoying and made it so much harder than it could be but I didn't get tired until right at the end as we had to climb up steep rocks to get back. We had to cross many cute streams and tiny waterfalls. The first stop was the  beach was so beautiful and really calm; not that many people. The scenery along the whole hike was insane and just so natural and beautiful all the trees had some sort guava/passion looking fruit which I couldn't stop eating it was absolutely delicious! It took us a couple of hours to get to the waterfalls and let me say this, I have never seen anything so beautiful! It was a 50ft looking waterfall into a water pool where you can swim around an swim under the fall. We had a picnic there it was such a great day and I was so happy! On the long hard trip back we saw a beautiful rainbow in the mountain which was also a lovely treat.
Today was such a fun day I enjoyed hiking and I think we will be doing the same tomorrow to Waimea Canyon.


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